AFIC is responding to the reports in numerous media outlets that Australia is planning to repatriate Australians that are stranded in Israel.

“I have written to the Australian Prime Minister, the Opposition Leader and Leader of the Greens pleading for the Government to act for all Australians stranded overseas… This planned repatriation should include real support to those that are stranded in the Gaza and include the West Bank”

Dr. Rateb Jneid
President of AFIC

AFIC is concerned that failure to ensure the inclusion of all Australians will be fundamentally unfair, will reinforce the perception that some lives are more important than others, and may have a flow on effect into social cohesion in Australia.

AFIC also states that if the Australian Government can mobilise resources to repatriate 10,000 people from Israel, it should also act to repatriate other Australians such as the 30 plus Women and Children in Northeast Syria and othe vulnerable Australia.

AFIC echo’s Senator Birmingham’s comments as reported in the ABC yesterday;

“Ultimately it’s for the government to find the best, fastest and safest way to help Australians to get home”

Simon Birmingham
Shadow Foreign Minister on assisting Australians in leaving Australia reported on ABC News

We would like to ask the Australian government to commit to this approach and act appropriately and urgently.

Dr Rateb Jneid President

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