We note the Government’s rescission of the Medivac legislation, with the support of Independents, in this last week of sittings for 2019. AFIC is extremely disappointed with this turn of events.

Before this legislation was passed in February many refugees suffered great harm, and even died, due to their incarceration in off-shore detention. Since it was passed it is reported that over 200 people have been provided with medical care that they would otherwise not have received.

Australia is better than this. To allow the most destitute of people to received proper medical attention, on the advice of qualified professionals, is not a threat to national security but in fact makes us all better and stronger.

Dr Rateb Jneid, AFIC President, Stated “This decision of the government is cruel and inhumane. We know that the overwhelming majority of people in off-shore detention are ultimately found to be genuine refugees and asylum seekers. It diminishes us as nation to treat them in this way.”

AFIC calls on the government, and those that supported it in this decision, to reconsider this matter. We urge the government to show humanity to these people in the most need.

AFIC will continue to press the government on this important matter to the Australian people.

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