Muslims Australia – AFIC condemns in the strongest terms the actions of Israel in its continued killing of Palestinians after further reports of attacks in Gaza in recent days.

TThe Global community must condemn these actions in the strongest possible terms. Hundreds of Palestinians have been killed and thousands injured in the past few months. These actions would not be accepted in any other circumstances and yet the world continues to turn a blind eye to the crimes of Israel and the plight of the Palestinians.

President of Muslim Australia – AFIC, Dr Rateb Jneid, stated, “We will continue to speak out against the crimes of Israel and highlight the hypocrisy of the world when it comes to issues of human rights and democracy. Israel is an occupying force that is indiscriminately killing people who are simply protesting their right to their own land.”

There can be no peace in the region while Israel is allowed to continue such attacks without consequence and we call on the global community to stand up and put a stop to the ongoing oppression and killing of Palestinians.

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