Muslims Australia – AFIC has observed the escalating tragedy that is taking place in Eastern Ghouta, Syria.

Reports of the declining situation for innocent civilians including families and children are devastating. These reports have indicated an environment that is deteriorating rapidly with basic necessities such as food, clean water and medical supplies being in such shortage that lives are being lost on a daily basis.

Dr Rateb Jneid, President of Muslims Australia, stated “It is unacceptable for innocent people, in this day and age, to be losing their lives because they do not have food and water. It is a shame on the global community that this tragedy is occurring and all efforts need to be made to bring this to an end and provide these victims with relief.”

Muslims Australia – AFIC notes that this situation is occurring in the context of ongoing attacks by the regime forces on the area. We note that innocent people have been trapped in an ever shrinking area, that is being surrounded by armed forces who have denied them access to the basic needs to sustain their lives – those that are not being killed by military attacks are being slowly but surely killed by the conditions they are forced to endure.

We remind all people of the atrocities that occurred in Bosnia where the global community did far too little far too late for the tens of thousands of innocent Bosnians who were massacred. Dr Jneid further said, “We cannot stand by and allow another tragedy of this nature and scale to take place under our very noses again. Every innocent life lost is on the hands of the those world leaders who are standing by and doing nothing.”

Muslims Australia – AFIC calls on the Australian Government to protest in the strongest possible terms the tragedy that is emerging. We demand that the Australian Government speak out in the United Nations and other global forums and use any and all influence it may have to bring global intervention against what is taking place.

Muslims Australia – AFIC urges all Australians to stand in solidarity with the innocents who have already lost their lives and those who are near death and not to allow our leaders to ignore this inhumane tragedy that is emerging.

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