The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC) condemns the announcement of the Trump Administration overnight to recognise the Holy City of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

For America to unilaterally recognise Jerusalem, or even just a part of the Holy City, as the capital of Israel is provocative and dangerous. It is well acknowledged by the international community that the status of Jerusalem is a key point in the negotiation of a long term peace between Palestinians and Israelis

AFIC President, Dr Rateb Jneid, said “The announcement by the Trump Administration overnight is a blatant disregard of the United Nations, the international community and more importantly of the Palestinian people and their hopes of a just peace and sovereignty.”

The effectiveness of global diplomatic efforts is completely undermined when nations such as the United States show such obvious contempt and scorn for resolutions of the UN and efforts by other nations to find peaceful paths to resolving these disputes.

Dr Jneid further stated, “The message this sends to the Palestinian people is that their concerns are of little importance to the American President. This is not going to make the Palestinians open to American involvement in the peace process.”

AFIC is concerned as to the precedent that this sets and the possible repercussions that may result and calls on all nations to stand firm for justice and oppose the position that the Trump Administration has outlined.

AFIC calls on the Australian government to come out clearly in its opposition to such an announcement and assure the Palestinian people that they are not being abandoned once again by the nations of the world.

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