The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC) stands in solidarity with the Palestinian people’s aspiration for statehood and self-determination. As the United Nations prepares to vote on recognising Palestinian statehood, we demand Australia to cast it vote in favour of this resolution.

The recognition of Palestine as a sovereign state is not only a matter of justice but also a crucial step towards lasting peace in the region. The Palestinian people have the same rights to freedom, security, and prosperity as any other nation. Their voices must be heard, and their presence at the negotiation table is imperative for a fair and equitable resolution to the conflict – legitimate Palestinian presence in the future is essential.

There are over 30,000 reasons why the international community has a moral obligation to support the Palestinian cause.’ Said Dr Rateb Jneid President of AFIC. The recognition of their statehood by the United Nations would affirm their right to self-determination and signal a commitment to international law and human rights – and would help secure the long term of the region.

We call upon all nations to join us in supporting the Palestinian bid for statehood. It is time for the world to acknowledge the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinian people and to work towards a future where they can live in dignity and peace.

AFIC, established in 1964, stands as the Peak Muslim Organisation in Australia, with 170 members including 9 State and Territory Councils. It has a rich history of pioneering numerous community services and actively advocating for the rights and representation of the Muslim community.


Dr Rateb Jneid, President

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