The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC) welcomes the recent vote by Australia at the United Nations General Assembly, which endorsed the resolution to bestow new rights and privileges upon Palestine.

Australia joined 142 other nations in supporting a resolution aimed at resolving the longstanding issues between Palestine and Israel. Although the final resolution was more moderate than initially proposed, omitting the stronger language that would have urged the Security Council to ‘favourably’ consider Palestine’s request for full UN membership, it remains a significant step.

The resolution’s passage does not immediately confer full UN membership upon Palestine, yet it unmistakably signals the international community’s readiness to recognise the State of Palestine as eligible for UN membership. A strong voice for the Palestinian people is essential, as Palestinians must be integral to shaping their own destiny” stated Dr Rateb Jneid, President of AFIC. This development marks progress towards establishing peace and stability in the region.

The situation requires us to do more and to do it! Australia possesses both the capability and the ethical duty in securing peace in the region.

AFIC Calls for Further Australian Action:

  • Advocate for Security Council Action – Australia should leverage its global stature and diplomatic avenues to champion a comparable resolution within the UN Security Council. This action is vital to guarantee that Palestine’s recognition is maintained worldwide with the complete backing of international law.
  • Call for Ceasefire – In light of the continuing violence in Palestine, we urge the Australian government to fervently advocate for a comprehensive and enduring ceasefire, articulated in unequivocal terms. This measure is crucial to halt further casualties and to enable the provision of humanitarian assistance to those in dire need.
  • Consider Further Sanctions – AFIC posits that Australia ought to contemplate imposing sanctions against Israel, whether diplomatic, cultural, or economic. These sanctions should be designed to compel Israel to evacuate Gaza and earnestly partake in establishing a lasting peace process.

Dr. Jneid further remarked, “While the actions taken thus far are acknowledged and valued, more is needed. Australia has both the opportunity and the obligation to spearhead additional initiatives that foster a just and enduring peace. Our commitment must extend beyond merely voting for peace; we must actively pursue it.”

The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils remains steadfast in its advocacy for justice, human rights, and peace for all individuals, irrespective of their heritage or creed. We stand united with the Palestinian people and endorse their entitlement to self-determination and nationhood.

AFIC, established in 1964, stands as the Peak Muslim Organisation in Australia, with 170 members including 9 State and Territory Councils. It has a rich history of pioneering numerous community services and actively advocating for the rights and representation of the Muslim community.


Dr Rateb Jneid, President

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