The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC) vehemently denounces the abhorrent bomb threat aimed at those expressing solidarity with the Palestinian flag in Sydney. This egregious act is an alarming symptom of the divisive and hateful atmosphere perpetuated by those who sow seeds of discord.

The culpability lies with those who wrongly vilify support for Palestine, creating an environment where such an attack is even considered. This severe breach of social cohesion demands accountability from those who equate advocating for justice with wrongdoing.

Equally troubling is the timing of the announcements and the apparent lack of prompt police communication to the public, leaving media outlets to report the incident. It raises concerns about the seemingly absent police presence in safeguarding Pro-Palestinian stances while readily addressing concerns of antisemitism. The government must promptly disclose the comprehensive details surrounding this incident, issue an apology for delayed public notification, and transparently outline the measures being taken to shield the community from Islamophobic and antisemitic threats.

‘We have warning mosques and Islamic centres, telling them to formulate emergency plans and prioritise the safety of worshippers since early October 2023’ said Dr Rateb Jneid President of AFIC. Disturbingly, reports indicate at least 13-fold increase in Islamophobic attacks since October 2023, according to the Islamaphobia Register. ‘Many more incidents go unreported due to eroded trust in political leadership within the community.’ Concluded the President.

This alarming trend underscores the urgent need for our political and civic leaders to step up and do better in fostering an inclusive society, free from discrimination and violence.


Dr Rateb Jneid, President

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