The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC) calls for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza following the breaking of the truce, and the return to fighting and besiegement. AFIC stands in fierce solidarity with Médecins Sans Frontières, Amnesty International, Save The Children, OXFAM, Settlement Services International, and Plan International in their call for an ongoing ceasefire and a lifting of the siege to allow humanitarian aid into Gaza. We wish to amplify the calls of these organisations that exist primarily to monitor, understand, and aid in preventing such violations of human rights, dignity, and life.

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The end of the truce has resulted in an intensified and escalated period of violent aerial and ground attacks by Israeli forces. The overall Gazan death toll has now surpassed 15,800, and currently, 7,000 people are missing, feared dead under the rubble.

Human rights organisations have collectively and unanimously brought attention to the Israeli violations of international law, including the use of illegal weapons and the indiscriminate killing of civilians. This indicates that there is unmistakable evidence across the board that the war is an unethical one and begs the question of why the Australian government is resisting the wide echo of calls demanding that the government comply with the rule of law and call for a ceasefire.

The statements from the aforementioned international organisations indicate that areas previously designated as safe zones have been targeted in recent attacks, leaving Gazans with nowhere to go. The situation is extremely dire for all civilians in Gaza, and if strategies to prevent civilian loss have clearly failed, then the government have a strong moral obligation to pressure for an ongoing ceasefire before thousands more are killed.


Dr Rateb Jneid, President

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