On 9 August 2018 a general news story was published in most mainstream media following the announcement overnight by the Australian Government that 5 individuals had been stripped of their Australian Citizenship for engaging in overseas conflicts linked to terrorist organisations.

A newsworthy story certainly and one that was reported responsibly in most cases. However the Daily Telegraph in Sydney, in what appears to be its ongoing campaign against Muslims and Islam, chose to run the same story on its front page under the headline “Allah AK Barred!”. This is an outrageous headline and a gross misuse of the power of the press.

Once again the Daily Telegraph seeks to take individual matters as an opportunity to denigrate all Muslims and the Islamic faith and to incite the general Australian community against Muslim Australians. A headline such as this can serve no purpose other than to continue to ferment the growing marginalisation of Australian Muslims and open them up to censure and ridicule.

Muslims Australia – AFIC President, Dr Rateb Jneid, stated “This headline is inappropriate in the extreme and media outlets should be held to account for such irresponsible practices. It just represents another example of the continued attack on our religion from some sections of the media.”

Muslims Australia calls on the Daily Telegraph to retract the headline and issue an apology to the Muslim community of Australia for this disgraceful headline. Muslims Australia – AFIC intends on lodging a complaint with the Press Council in relation to this matter.

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